Back To The Future Delorean DMC-12 Time Machine

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After I saw LEGO’s new set, and how incorrect it looked, I just had to build it, just to show it could be done better 😉 It’s built to the same scale just to make it a fair match 😉 I think i may build one of these in my usual 1:20 scale, and later build it IRL, as it’s a car I would very much like in my collection 🙂

Here is my version of the new DeLorean Time Machine set The front looks at least a little better IMO, the back, from what i can see, is tons better, and the side looks okay too. The back is my favorite view on it. Functions are tires that can fold down into flying mode, and gullwing doors (BTW the set didn’t do the gullwing doors right like this has, they don’t bring up part of the roof as well)

The only swooshable Automobile

The only swooshable Automobile

LEGO set

LEGO set


1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda’

Now with a somewhat older MOC.

The Plymouth All American Racers, was a race car built to compete against Mustangs in the SCAA series, it only raced in the 1970 season. The rules said that they must have a certain amount of road versions (the regular Cuda didn’t count). The main differences between a regular Cuda and an AAR, is that it only had a choice of the 340 six-barrel engine, it had aerodynamic additions (duck tail and eyebrow spoilers). It also had some weight reduction, the exhuast pipes on the side, and a working hood scoop.

This LEGO model has over 700 parts, is in a nice (and expensive) lime green and black color scheme. features detailed interior, exterior, and engine. functions include opening trunk, hood with hood-pins, doors, and windshield wipers.

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2013 Aston Martin Vantage

2013 Aston Martin Vantage

The Vantage is a sports car produced by the British company Aston Martin. The newest version comes in a V8 or V12 version. The 4735 CC V8 engine in the front produces 420 BHP at 7300 RPM. To increase practicability, the Vantage has a hatchback-style rear, and a large trunk. My Lego version doesn’t come with a large trunk (most of it was consumed by the suspension system) but does have:

-working steering, not connected to steering wheel

-working independent suspension, rear wheels only

-opening doors, trunk (boot), hood (bonnet) and most importantly, an opening glove box!

It also features detailed exterior, interior, and engine. To increase accuracy, the wheelbase is 16.5 studs long, meaning that there is 12.5 studs space between the wheels.

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